In 2022 the board entertained the idea to have an outdoor warning siren installed at W11127 Cumberland Rd., site of the Town Hall & Community Center. The Equinox High Power Directional Rotating Siren fact sheet can be found at

This particular siren is used throughout Waushara County and would be monitored through the county system. Estimated cost including installation is $25,000. Funds are available for this purchase. A hardcopy survey is available by calling Julia at 715.223.5367. The survey will be presented at the Annual Meeting in April.

2. During the threat of, or during severe weather, have you heard a warning siren from another municipality such as Coloma or Wautoma?(Required)
3. During the threat of, or during severe weather, do you have access to any type of an alert system such as an emergency radio, phone alerts, or text alerts?(Required)
4. As a property owner, would you find it beneficial for residents, visitors, and non-resident property owners to have an outdoor warning siren.(Required)
Thank you. Survey results will be posted in March. Contact us for questions or additional information.